Adam Lambert: Starts On His Original High Tour, Will Be Touring In Summer With Queen!


Adam Lambert is one of the most popular alumni of American Idol. The singer made his debut with the album Let Me Entertain You in 2009 and since there has been no turning back for him. He is known for his fresh and eclectic mix of electronic music, classic rock and pop. He brought out his second album Trespassing in 2012 which was all about funky dance music.

Adam Lambert is now ready to launch his third album Original High and while his last few albums have been a little eccentric and wild, this one is more about curbing the flamboyance and focusing on the music. Original High will show his dark side with some ballads and assertive songs and will also have some pop melodies.

Adam Lambert is not a musician who will offer the same kind of music to his fans. There are some musicians who tend to keep a continuity between their different albums so that the fans can identify the genre of the music that they are creating. This, however, isn’t how Adam Lambert works.

Lambert spoke to MCall on phone and said that he wants to keep his fans guessing. He doesn’t like giving them things that they already expect. This one of the tricks that he has learnt in the show-biz. He said that this was one trait that he has been following ever since his days in American Idol. He would change his style and genre every time and that makes it very clear that this is how it is always going to be with him.

Adam Lambert has started on his Original High tour. His tours have always created a lot of buzz since they were said to have explicit content and were not suitable for children. Parents have always criticized his tour and hence Adam Lambert has decided to tone down things this time round. His tour will focus on music this time and will not be high on flamboyant content.

From the videos that are circulating from the opening night in New York it looks like Adam Lambert’s Original High tour is a huge success. The singer himself has shared videos on Snapchat and there is a general belief that he is equally entertaining when he is interacting with the fans from the stage.

Lambert has always been very eccentric and flamboyant. He had worn colorful clothes and eye shadow even while performing on American Idol and it has gone ahead to become his trademark look. In 2009, right after American Idol, he had openly come out to reveal that he was gay and had since then been a leading voice for the LGBT community.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert has been on tour with Queen and there are chances that the collaboration is again on the cards. With Adam Lambert collaborating with Queen, the classics are given a touch of magic by Adam Lambert and this makes them accessible to a different age of audience completely.

According to Billboard, Adam Lambert himself spoke about how interesting to watch the audience when he is touring with Queen. There are people of different age and race and they have all come down for the music. He does feel the pressure of living up to the standard of a band like Queen.


  1. Adam Lambert is simply….AWESOME!!! Both in his solo work and his collaboration with Queen! He just brings such charisma and charm to everything he does and his talent is undeniable!! love love love him!

  2. Just saw hisThe Original High Tour concert!
    He is excellent & SUPER TALENTED!
    I danced they the whole concert.
    I agree – Best male voice of this generation in POP/Rock!

  3. Adam is really quite a normal guy, not really eccentric, but creative. In real life not the makeup wearing guy of 7 years ago finding his niche, much like Bowie, Gaga & Elton John did in their early days. The gay label & media’s preoccupation with it does him a disservice. It’s not an issue for his fans who realize it’s just a small part of the smart, multi-talented man who just wants to entertain. His focus is on his music & his other career opportunities. Now Adam’s a grown man whose tastes are more elegant and edgy. He wears high end beautifully tailored designer suits, tee shirts & jeans like anyone else. People of all ages, races & gender attend his concerts with no concern that anything objectionable will occur. He’s a master showman, able to sing any genre of music authentically. He puts on a fantastic show that never disappoints. Seeing him live is a gift for the eyes & ears. I’ve seen him 15X & will see him again in Chicago. Don’t miss it!