Abby Lee Miller Mixes Mini and Elite Team Members, Dance Moms to Air Special Throwback Episode!


Abby Lee Miller has gone through a lot lately. The coach of ALDC saw herself getting embroiled in a fraud bankruptcy case, which is still on. If she is found guilty, she could be looking at a term of five years in prison. To make matters worse, her star student, Maddie Ziegler and her sister, Mackenzie Ziegler left Dance Moms along with their mother, Melissa Gisoni.

Abby Lee Miller had already expressed her contempt at the fact that Maddie Ziegler was moving away from dancing and was paying more attention to her acting career. However, she had since then found a new favorite in Brynn Rumfallo.

This had given rise to more drama since the dance moms felt that the other girls who have been a part of Dance Moms and ALDC for so long, should be given the opportunity to take the place left behind by Maddie Ziegler.

Even though Abby Lee Miller was disappointed with her star student, she has shared photos of Ziegler performing in Pittsburg and has also hinted at future collaborations. According to Inquisitr, Abby Lee Miller had hinted at her posts that’s she and Maddie might work together again and had hinted that the project could be on television as well as the computer.

Dance Moms will air a special throwback episode for Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler. In the episode titled, The Final Curtain, the viewers will get to see the clippings from the different seasons, from when the Ziegler sisters started coaching with Abby Lee Miller and how they have grown from those days and how the whole group has become like a family.

International Business Times has reported that Abby Lee Miller has decided to mix and match two of her dance teams. Apart from the elite group, Miller also had a new mini team. It is now reported that she will pair dancers from both these teams together, for an upcoming performance.

This pairing will be seen by the viewers of Dance Moms when Season 6 returns after the break. There are reports that JoJo Siwa and Brynn Rumfallo will be paired with younger dancers from the mini team for a duet that the ALDC will put up for Innovation Dance Competition. This competition will be shown in the 26th episode of Dance Moms Season 6 second half.

It is believed that Abby Lee Miller has already started seeing Brynn Rumfallo as a replacement for Maddie Ziegler’s spot in ALDC. Brynn Rumfallo was brought in as a replacement for Maddie Ziegler when she was on a hiatus from Dance Moms due to her shoot for The Book of Henry. However, Abby Lee Miller was targeted by the other mothers since she would favor Brynn Rumfallo over the other girls even though she wasn’t a permanent member of ALDC.

It is reported that Brynn Rumfallo will pair with Lilliana Ketchman. The two girls are going to perform to The Bad Deed. On the other hand, JoJo Siwa and Elliana Walmsley are going to dance to Fan Favorite.

Abby Lee Miller

There are very few members in ALDC who want to see Brynn Rumfallo continuing in the show and Abby Lee Miller has already told the young dancer that her position in the ALDC and Dance Moms depends on her performance in the competitions.

JoJo Siwa and Elliana Walmsley went on to win the competition while Bryn Rumfallo and Lilliana Ketchman came second. Abby Lee Miller was thoroughly impressed by the mini team since they won the overall in the competition. However, the coach wasn’t thrilled with the news that the elite team came second.


  1. If Melissa and Jill are supposed to be adults, their kids are more mature minded. War and Peace wasn’t as long as the morose, maudlin,goodbyes (and good riddance) to Melissa and her two reality TV program daughters. That is after all is said and done their ONLY claim to fame. And we all know how reality can be out of sight and out of mind.

    I’ve seen a big improvement in Abby Lee’s choreography. She is finally realizing if dancers can’t “feel” the music, they don’t react to it or dance to it as well. She has also learned the fine art of strategic dance staging for the visual pleasure of audiences.

    Witnessing the silliness and childishness of grown, middle aged women like Jill, Melissa, Jessalyn and Hollie is an embarrassment. These women whined that Abby was all about business. Gee no kidding. Did you expect her to shut down her business for two dancers who are going to find 500 other dancers Melissa can’t hope for her daughters to compete with?

    Broadway doesn’t have Maddie’s name in lights and there is no Hollywood director willing to give her top billing over real talent.

    Abby Lee has a chance now to go in a very different, less “Mommy” direction with her business. With the big mouth Melissa gone and Jill having to eat crow, Abby has two choices: she can promote herself as a dance impresario or she can develop her choreography to a signature style to take her place in dance.

    What she doesn’t need are more of the silly, mouthy Mommies to interfere. It’s now or never for Abby Lee. There is so much more to Abby than she is able to communicate. She needs to be the professional in the truest sense of the vernacular.