Abby Lee Miller: Abby Set to Make a Big Announcement, Rumors About Abby and Maddie Leaving the Show!


Dance Moms Season 6 is turning out to be a tough one for Abby Lee Miller. The coach of the Abby Lee Dance Company had initially thought that she can hide the legal cases pending against her away from the viewers of Lifetime, but things didn’t turn out in that fashion. Abby Lee Miller had tried her best to keep things away from the camera, but the moms found out the truth thanks to the morning news.

Abby Lee hadn’t been behaving properly either. She seemed to be preoccupied with something and would shout at the young girls during training and would be invariably late for the sessions. This had caused the dance moms to confront her. When Abby Lee was cornered, she agreed to the fact that she was not herself since she had had a break up.

However, the cat is soon out of the bag when the moms watch the morning news and find out that Abby Lee Miller has 20 fraud cases against her name. She had declared herself bankrupt while hiding a total of $755,000 that she had earned from Lifetime. If the court finds her guilty then Abby Lee Miller will have to spend five years in prison and also give $5 million as fine to the court.

Abby Lee Miller had initially thought that she doesn’t have to fear anything When Lifetime had expressed their worry that having to find out a replacement for her when she heads to prison, Abby Lee Miller had said that she won’t be in such a situation.

The last episode of Dance Moms saw her talk to her lawyer while the girls are about to participate at an event. Abby stays away from the auditorium stating that it’s her lawyer and she has to answer the phone as she is expecting some news from the court. The phone conversation sees Abby Lee Miller breaking down. She is also heard talking about the ALDC studio in Los Angeles.

While the girls perform at the Devotion 2 Dance competition, Abby Lee Miller is left to fight for her freedom. Inquisitr has reported that Abby Lee Miller is likely to make an announcement in episode 4 of Dance Moms that will shake the whole team.

Deadline had reported that Abby Lee Miller had asked for an extension from the court for preparing for the trail. It looks like her time is up and there is a possibility that she might not be completing Dance Moms Season 6 since she will be heading to prison.

However, there is slight turn of events. It looks like Abby Lee Miller will not be leaving the show because she has been convicted. She will be leaving Dance Moms since she doesn’t want the producers to dictate their terms to her.

Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller said that she is going to risk her career for the sake of her girls. She said that producers wanted one of the dancers to pretend to be pregnant and to wear a baby bump and that was what made Abby Lee Miller decide to set her foot down.

Abby Lee Miller added that she trained the girls to not just become great dancers, but great individuals as well. There is no official word to confirm if this is the truth, but Abby Lee Miller surely doesn’t enjoy a lot of popularity in Dance Moms these days.


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