A Lot of Clash of Clans Upgrades Heading Our Way during ClashCon on 24th October!


Supercell’s world famous mobile strategy game Clash of Clans will be receiving some major updates this October, specifically during the 24th October Clash Con gaming event.

This will be a major event for the Clash of Clans community hosted by Supercell and it will introduce fresh new dimensions to the game while introducing a lot of major upgrades.

According to the rumors, new levels will open up for millions of gamers and there are also chances of COC players evolving their heroes.

However, to this date, Supercell has managed to keep everything regarding any future updates, a complete secret and these new things will touchdown in time for ClashCon. In the meantime, there are loads of hints and speculations regarding the possible upgrades heading our way.

First of all, if Clash of Clans does get a major bump later in the month, it won’t be too exciting if Town Hall remains the major highlight of this game. Instead, viewers are waiting for the emergence of Town Hall 11. There are millions of players trapped in Town Hall 10 with literally nothing else left to do.

Bringing out Town Hall 11 will be a major step in the direction of introducing something new for all these people. The TH10 bases are simply raiding bases and upgrading their walls at the moment. In order to break the routine, it seems like Supercell is planning to unveil Town Hall 11 at ClashCon in October.

Once the New Town Hall 11 is unlocked, you can expect a lot of new upgrades like upgrades for various spells along with newer walls and much more. At the same time, a lot of people are expecting an upgrade for the Level 7 barbarians.

With the Town Halls advancing to another level, you can expect the barbarians to be upgraded as well. It is the signature troop of Clash of Clans so upgrading that makes real sense. With the level up for barbarians available, COC gamers will definitely look into upgrading their bases to level 11.

At the same time, there should be new dark spells and troops as well in Town Hall 11. According to Android Origin, the dark barracks show empty slots for troops and they will probably be filled in by new categories this October.

In the upcoming upgrade, don’t expect the single player maps to get a lot of attention but if this feature comes to Clash of Clans, it will definitely be appreciated by millions of clashers all over the world. The new maps will be quite useful in keeping the players busy while testing out new kinds of strategies for wars and attacks and earning gold at the same time.

Besides TH11, there are major rumors surrounding ClashCon and according to them, a new Clan War Tournament category will be introduced, which comes with 5v5 and 10v10 options. There should be a lot of incentives coming with this approach, primarily loot and gem and at the same time, strengthening the COC community further.

Clash of Clans

Reports indicate that a Third Hero will be joining the fray, besides the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen. We have no ideas regarding who or what this new character is but reports indicated the presence of abilities that allow it to evolve and develop further and that is quite exciting to say the least.

Last September, we saw a lot of cool new upgrades like that of Lava Walls replacing the Electric fence-category walls for Level 11. These walls undoubtedly look pretty cool and match accurately with the Town Hall and Dark Barracks for Town Hall 10. Compared to that, the Electric Walls were cool nonetheless but quite mismatched with the Town Hall.


  1. I highly doubt there are millions of maxed TH10s with nothing to do. According to Super Cell themselves, less than 5% of their total player base is even a TH10 and then less than 2% of that is even a maxed TH10. This sounds more like wishful thinking from the super elite.

    Making a TH11 for just a few thousand players is not focusing on the mighty $, which is the purpose of this game… don’t forget they’re a business. Focusing on updates which affect the entire player base and brings them more $ is more than likely what we’re going to see.

    Sorry Super Elite, but if you’ve beaten this game, kudos, but you don’t bring in enough revenue for them to care about you.