4 things to do in London this Valentine’s day 2017


At the Day Herald, we’re big on love and romance. There’s nothing better than celebrating this day with a partner, significant other, or just a pretty girl in general.

That’s why we’ve come up with this list of 4 things to do this Valentine’s, a handy guide for lads and ladies who are making plans this evening!


1 Hungry? Arrange for a table at one of London’s romantic hotspots

Valentines Day Couple eating
As ever, a dinner for two is a great way to develop a rapport and budding romance.

As always, a staple part of your Valentine’s day plan involves a meal. Whether it is cooked personally at home or you opt for the extravagant dining rendezvous, it is a great opportunity for you and your chosen other to enjoy some intimate moments.

Here are some of our choices for a truly special Valentine’s day meal in London, each one holding a special event for this momentous day:

Three-course dinner at the Bluebird in Chelsea – http://www.bluebird-restaurant.co.uk/whats-on-chelsea/events/valentines-day-at-bluebird/

Cinnamon Kitchen Special Valentine’s Meal – http://www.cinnamon-kitchen.com/londons-most-romantic-restaurant-for-valentines/

Valentine’s Day at the OXO – http://www.harveynichols.com/restaurant/the-oxo-tower/whats-on/valentines-day-at-oxo/

All of the above are highly recommended by us, we know they put a lot of effort into preparations for today.



2 Alone? Book a personal date with a companion

Valentines Day Escorts
Some of the ladies available from AJ’s London Escorts.

If you haven’t already acquired a thrilling partner for this evening’s entertainment, you may always delve into London’s roving escort scene. Pick up professional London escorts for only £90 at AJ’s London Escorts. We are sure there are other fantastic escort services out there, but we can guarantee the quality of this London escort service if you need a companion this evening.




3 Bored? Take your partner to the London Eye

London Eye on Valentines
Intimate moments await upon the London Eye this evening.

Arguably the only day of the year that the London Eye presents a truly practical use; the Cupid’s Capsule event is the ideal opportunity to bond and spends some harmonious moments together with somebody appealing.

We suggest you round off dinner with a surprise visit to the eye, it’s a sure-fire way to impress a date.


4 Hate dating? Down with Dating

Anti dating funny picture

The down with dating experience can only be considered an anti-dating, dating event. If you’re feeling the wild card, why not head to the Albany in London and give it a try? It is a genuine lark, and definitely one of the less pressuring dating experiences.

All you have to do is visit the website and sign up: http://www.feelinggloomy.com/Down_With_Dating.html

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