2016 Toyota Tacoma: Tech-Specs and Prices Revealed, Has Room for Improvement, More Information


The 2016 Toyota Tacoma is a well-built machine, which has got over its weaknesses! You heard that right, Toyota has worked on all the flaws that the previous-generation model had and has ironed out the creases. The upcoming vehicle is a better off-roader and handles smoother on the road too!

Driving the vehicle is a pleasure, which is good news, since numerous people were lined up for more pickup options, other than the home-grown F Series and Rams. The upcoming Tacoma is equipped with a V6 engine block and is capable of towing 6,800 pounds, 200 pounds short of the Chevy Colorado.

The Colorado’s rear disc brakes instill higher confidence in the driver, although, the Tacoma performs quite well, even without the standard discs. General Motors’ 2.8-liter diesel Duramax engine is one of the major reasons behind the Colorado’s high demand, although, Toyota believes that the Tacoma offers similar performance.

Moreover, Toyota did not design the Tacoma for the sole purpose of towing! The vehicle is a luxury pick-up truck, which is designed for on-road comfort. If you’re looking for optimum fuel economy, the Tacoma is not for you.

While the 2016 Toyota Tacoma returns around 23 MPG, the Chevrolet Colorado gets close to 27 MPG, the primary reason being General Motors’ four-cylinder engine block. However, General Motors is not satisfied with their current feat yet, good news for truck fans, and their upcoming diesel block is rumored to deliver close to 30 MPG!

However, the Tacoma is a reliable vehicle with great after sales support. This is one of the primary reasons for their higher resale value. A two to three year old Tacoma will fetch you the highest amount possible in the used car market. Tacomas have a reputation for lasting forever. Hence, you can opt for the 2016 variant if you’re looking for reliability.

However, if you’re judging the Tacoma based on any other parameter, the results will be about average. For example, there is nothing exemplary about the interior, and the seats are decent in terms of comfort. Toyota has introduced climate control, which means that you will be spending more time inside the vehicle than examining the exterior.

The standard powerhouse under the hood includes a 3.5-liter V6 engine, with the ergonomics of the popular 4.0-liter engine block, borrowed from the previous generation model. The standard power output is 278 BHP along with 265 ft-lb of torque. Despite being smaller than the previous generation model, the 2016 variant is capable of doing everything that its predecessor could.

Engine refinement and the new six-speed transmission system have a huge role to play in this regard. Gear shifting is a less dramatic experience and the manual shifter works wonders. The 2016 Toyota Tacoma pays attention to safety too, which is a major concern for pickup owners.

The driving position is upright and even though Toyota has not pushed the seats down to the ground, it is comfortable if you’re above six feet. However, the cab is a good distance off the ground, which makes hopping in and out of the vehicle a challenge, if you’re not over six feet. However, we leave the final verdict for to you decide.

The electronics inside the cabin is pretty basic and there is nothing much to report here. A touch screen infotainment device sits pretty in the middle of the dashboard, controlling the limited electronic features of the pickup! Toyota has increased the dimensions of the box, lending a macho appeal to the pickup.

2016 Toyota Tacoma

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma features a base price tag of $24,200, the highest price for a Tacoma so far. However, the pricing makes sense, since numerous features such as parking camera and rear-wheel drive, etc. were included for the first time.

Toyota should consider redesigning their cabin, since it sports an age-old design. We would also like to see a redesigned version of the four-cylinder 2.7-liter engine block, powering the base model of the Tacoma.


  1. I own a 2005 Tacoma, with the V-6, 6 speed manual transmission, 2WD, and extra cab. From this article I got the impression that the 2016 comparable model does not have ABS or front disc brakes, which I do have, and would want in a new model. Do I have to get an upgrade package to get what used to be standard features? Since I tend to keep my vehicles for an average of ten years, would I be better off waiting for an upcoming truck with better gas mileage, and better standard features, or get a 2016 model and enjoy it now?

    Thank you for any comments.