2016 Apple MacBook Air: Rumors Regarding the Product Has Engulfed the Market, Apple Rumored to Launch an iPhone 6C Soon, And More


Apple has a habit of announcing the upcoming devices of the year at an event held in March and rumor has it that the company is gearing up to announce the 2016 Apple MacBook Air in March 2016. These rumors are further fueled since Apple had announced the launch of a MacBook with Retina Display back in March this year.

Another great way by which you can assess whether Apple has a new MacBook device in the pipelines is by assessing the cost reduction of the present-generation model. Apple has a tendency to reduce the prices of the current-generation flagship model before introducing the latest flagship.

We also have reasons to believe that Apple is waiting to reveal the second-generation of the Apple Watch during spring 2016! Hence, more reason for the fanatics to celebrate. Another interesting theory that I am compelled to share with you is the conspiracy theory surrounding a new 4-inch touchscreen device (iPhone 6C?) that Apple is believed to be working on.

Many believe that it is a new-age iPhone designed for the customer-base that denounce Apple’s latest ideology of competing with its rivals by manufacturing large screen devices. However, this is just a rumor at the moment, and we do not have sufficient information or sources to backup this claim.

We will have to wait for Apple to come up with a formal announcement before we can confirm these reports. The primary reason behind people believing that the 2016 Apple MacBook Air will be announced during March 2016, since its predecessor was released back in March 2014 and since then, Apple has announced a few major upgrades for its successor.

It is high time that Apple’s inventions and design changes are incorporated into a MacBook, and the device is available off a shelf. However, in another piece of information on the internet, a faction of Apple loyalists believe that the MacBook Air will be revealed during the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which is to be held during June 2016.

Hence, it is clear that no one is quite sure of Apple’s plans at the moment. Hence, it is very difficult for an individual or organization to comment on a specified release date or date of announcement, before Apple arrives at a formal conclusion.

You are, however, free to speculate on the date at your leisure! When do you think Apple will launch the 2016 MacBook Pro? Don’t forget to let us know via the Comments Section below.

Some of the specifications that have been confirmed on the device so far, includes the OS X El Capitan, USB Type-C connectivity, along with quick charging. Even though the next-gen MacBook Air gets Retina Display, the smaller, 13-inch variant of the Air misses out on any such features due to the compact screen size.

The 2016 Apple MacBook Pro, however, features the TouchID sensor built into the Trackpad, which offers greater security and ease while making payments via Apple Pay.

This technology is quite similar to the Fore Touch Technology that is currently in play in the 13-inch variant of the MacBook Pro that released back in March 2015.

2016 Apple MacBook Air

However, even if the MacBook Air is announced or showcased in March 2016, the device will take a considerable amount of time to make it to production. Hence, if you’re waiting to go for the 2016 Apple MacBook Air, prepare to spend a considerable time waiting for the device to be available at a store near you!

Apple has started following a new policy of waiting for a few months between the launch of two premium devices. For example, they waited quite a while before launching the iPad Pro in September this year, after launching the 15-ich variant of the MacBook Pro earlier.


  1. Why do you think the MB Air will be furthered when it seems like it is more likely that Apple is furthering the MacBook product line, as per the current 12″ MacBook.

    I’m looking forward to a 15″ MacBook before I see any more MBAs.